Music Teachers on Tour

Music Teachers on Tour will pass through Zambia with a clear mission – to support and inspire young people by music, to boost creativity and excitement which will have a positive impact on academic achievement, social cohesion and self-confidence.

Children and youth in Zambia have minimal access to music education and resources are scarce. Over the years, the New Apostolic Church has developed youth orchestras in the main cities as Lusaka and Ndola and provided instruments. Unfortunately, instruments and materials are insufficient and very difficult to access or only at a very high price. In rural areas, music education is even non-existent.

Music Teachers on Tour will travel around Zambia to help children and young adults with these challenges. Not only will the group provide educational activities, she equally wants to make music accessible to more people by providing music, music materials, books, methods, …


Music Teachers on Tour starts her mission in Ndola, in the north of the country. She will offer to musicians of the area an intensive week of music under the title ‘Ndola Music Academy 2020’ – a combination of individual coaching and orchestra & choir sessions.

The group will equally try to provide this enthusiastic group of musicians with some musical accessories, materials, etc. This musical week will be organized in collaboration with Switch Music Academy and Simba International School Ndola.


Music Teachers on Tour continues her project in the capital, Lusaka. In this location, the group will collaborate with the orchestra and choirs of the New Apostolic Church. The orchestra in Lusaka was founded in the ‘90s with only 15 musicians, mainly on the recorder. At that time, there was one recorder available per 9 musicians.

Over time, the group drew more attention, new recorders were provided and bigger instruments were added to the orchestra. The orchestra kept growing and currently counts more than 250 musicians in symphonic setting.


The last stop of the group will be Mfuwe, close to the South Luangwa National Park. The village, that does not profit at all from the tourism of the National Park, lives far below the poverty line and most facilities are non-existent. With the help of Rotary International and others, schools were built and renovated, like the Uyoba School. Locally, initiatives were started to help the kids to get to grips with the English language. This to make secondary school accessible to them and give them an outlook on a better future.

‘Music Teachers on Tour’ wants to contribute by organizing musical workshops for the kids to stimulate their creativity, coordination and teamwork and by involving and training the local teachers.



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Do you still have an old instrument (for orchestra) lying around in the attic? Make a child in Zambia very happy and donate it to the project.

We will bring you in contact with the child who receives the instrument, so you will know where your instrument has gotten a second life! Music materials like reeds and strings are also welcome.

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